What I do when I have free time (which seldom happens) is to surf on the web and read random stuff that people write for pennies and pretend is educational and even scientific. Bad habit, I know, but about a year ago I discovered something that consoled and even motivated me just a bit.

They say these days a person is young when he or she is under exactly 45. After that middle age comes (to some with wizdom, to some alone, as they say). So, I am young for another week. What can be done in a week? Plenty of things!

Now I can confess to you – by middle age I got my own home! But – no ceiling and no lighting and no electric outlets there yet.

I need to make exactly 666 to afford those things, believe me or no, exactly that number. I will keep you informed all weekend if I meet that quota, and then if I do, will invite you to a home welcoming party with free video stream of me celebrating sexily.

hugs, kisses,
your young Helen 😉

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As you know, I run a site called HelenVolga.com, with 192 girls and women, that features amateur models in professional photography, myself included.

I started filming and posing for it in 2004 (I had made quite a porn career by then, since I debuted last century, hehe), and by 2011 because of tech issues I stopped posting, but I didn’t, and hopefully, never will stop creating content.

First few years I used to update daily, then for tech reasons only every now and then, then I was not able to add anything at all, but I was having all those girls in store, and now… and now it looks like I am getting back to daily posting around late September, and be sure I have dozens of new girls and hundreds of photosets.

That’s really inspiring news, at least for me! But… I have also not very good news. The people who are helping me with this site, can only make a site that is primitive in structure, navigation, extras, and has zero design.
I can’t help it for now – I hope when I raise a decent amount and find a trustworthy professional, I will have my huge and unique site back again. But I am very happy to be able to exhibit my works again, very. The site is, so to say, part of me, it’s something that has created today’s me, in a way.

The point of me saying that is that here are the last 2 weeks for you to have a look at the initial, efficient of HelenVolga.com – a few thousand update samples with texts telling the truth about the shootings and the models, 365 cover pics of the day, random models collection, pages the review topics that the site is about, and some of my bragging about my beloved self.
New life, new horizons. Thing will be great in the end – if they are not great, it’s not yet the end!

kisses, Helen

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Live a century, learn a century, you will die a fool anyway – that’s a saying we have in our language! It was not so long ago that I discovered it was true, again – I have named a photoset Summer 2019 and the viewer was like: how can there be such a photoset if it’s not yet summer? (that dialogue took place in June).
How embarrassing it was to discover that Engish-speakers have summer since 22nd June and autumn since 22th September! We Russians are simple souls and we stick to 1st day of month, simple as that.

So, it’s probably time to say bye to summer 2019, it was nice and serene. I hope September has some pleasures in store for all of us. Oh, and by the way – I am camming next to daily (no schedule though, erratic hours most likely) – so please catch me at Camcontacts and let’s talk about summer experiences.

tender hugs,

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Dear friends and lovers,
I am uploading some home-made, simple, but charming and hot content of my newest model Ozzy Q, almost for free, some even for free, to my Manyvids account.
Let me say just a few words about this wonderful woman.

Ozzy is exactly 50, I would not say she looks her age, I would have assumed something about same as myself. She has been a nurse, an artist, a dancer, a singer, a mainstream actress, a parent. But not an adult model or camgirl!

Actually most women in the whole big world not only have never been adult models (even amateur) but are not aware of that industry at all. But in this big world there lives a bad girl called Helen Volga show enlightens, spoils and seduces girls and women and brings them to you for both parties to enjoy.

I’m sure you will love how I have filmed Ozzy, and we have done quite a lot and will be filming more regularly. Maybe one day I even create a solo site for her – this new porn talent definitely has things to show and tell!

hugs, Helen

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I decided to go out in a dress that looks like a robe, in new sunglasses, and tiny white cotton undies.
And the pics are looking not so bad at all! I believe, roses make any girl look 10 times better, this is why I usually have flowers at home behind me too, when I webcam.
And I am camming! Please check my fresh photos, and stop by to say hi and to undress me.

I’m wishing all my readers a marvellous June and a whole summer of fun in 2019!
hot summer hugs,

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I have filmed a bit of myself against the carpet in my bedroom before I move to new home and to a better life. Next time I’ll film myself in an oriental bellydance costume like this – I have even a few from my Egyptian trips – can’t wait for Egypt to open its borders again!
And quality this time turned out to be so-so, I’ll take a master class and see what can be done by tomorrow.

I hope you like this shopohoilc in her new blouse, by the way.
Wishing all my readers a marvellous week of both summer and spring, two wonderful seasons, and wishing you inspiration for all your projects! I plan a few tiny startups this week, will keep you informed.

with love, Helen

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And I plan to sit up all night and meet the dawn, I love how nice it feels to see the sun rise, birds sing, and people get and stay horny and nice! Here is my yesterday’s attempt to film a daily set for my relatively new project 365daysonwebcam.com – so far it goes smoothly, almost not playing truant and keeping up with daily posting. Will add something tonight too! And – catch me on cam tonight?

kisses, Helen

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Today the teens in the whole country are going through, probably, the best day in their lives – they have left school! I remember that glorious day too. We didn’t wear a uniform for the last 2 school years, but we put them on for fun on the last day. And now, whole 28 years later (oh my, how old we are!) the kids order Soviet uniforms for the day and look very provocative, I must say!

But I was looking even more provocative with skirt up and undies down – this is the way you love me best of all, don’t you!

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Well, this week it’s getting sunnier and warmer, I can’t yet go without pants, but at least the bra part I skip. Here are a few pics of me flashing in the city’s main street. In one of the pics you can even see a passer-by – this was not intended, it just did happen by chance.

No one interfered, next time if things go well, I’ll be doing some bottomless flashes, too!
And full nudity, most likely, in May too. In June – by all means!

Now I just wanted to wish you a lovely end of May. Lots and lots of pleasures to you! To us all!

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I am sitting in front of my webcam in my peach bra and undies, in a cute shirt and a very tiny mini skirt, in classy nude hold-ups and cute flats. I am all inspired and ready to share ideas and memories with you, to act them out and see you go through them too.
Please check the pics of me and my friend Mr Bunny Bunnyson! If you have ever been subscribed to mature.nl, you have seen him fuck me with a strapon as I wore a playboy bunny costume. In webcam shows I haven’t yet put that on.

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