My friends,
I decided to show you some of my toys in sexy casual home-made pics of me dressed and not very dressed. Let me start with my favourite glass toy – this is not the first. The first was presented to me by my dear online friend Lion. The second I broke when I all of a sudden dropped it on the floor right in a private show, and it seemed my viewer found it funny to see me crawl on all fours with a duster collecting the splinters, looks like a man can get off to the view of a woman cleaning in the nude just as nicely as he can to a woman jilling off!

And now let me show you my most used glass toy – it’s not human hardness, but it feels real good. Here (ссылка nylonedfeet) are some more pics of me on that day – with views up my lovely long flowing skirt, in simple white cotton fullbacks, and bottomless too.