Not so long ago I met a wonderful sexy girl here in Thailand – tall sporty redhead, 30-year-old Gala.

This young lady was a camera virgin when we met. She can’t be found at any adult site, there are no nude photos of her even anywhere at the social networks, she is not a model, not an amateur model – she is just a normal girl from real life. Which is so rare in the modern age when practically every girl has some nude pics of herself! But you know what Normal People are, don’t you? Normal people are people who you don’t know very well (exactly like a middle-aged person is someone 10 years older than yourself) – would you agree?
This is why this pretty normal and decent girl has a naughty and even wild side that she is going to reveal on webcam and in pics or vids.

Gala has long shapely legs, small firm ass, big tempting boobs and – I know some of you will be disappointed – a shaved pussy. Since you are reading my blog I assume that you may prefer the hairy pussy, but many of you also like diversity and enjoy all kinds of pussies and women, well, I understand, because so do I. Welcome, enjoy the new camgirl’s debut in nude show!

When I am not online, and I must admit that lately I’ve been off to the real world very often, I keep showing videos that I took for you upon request. And this time let me show you a scene of how I try on my new panties – various colorful g-strings, mostly in lace.

And next time I plan to gildm something similar about fullbacks and French knickers – I know tht my viewers like all kinds, not only thongs. So do I.

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The Outfits section has been updated with a selection of panty photos taken outdoors. More topless pics coming soon. Enjoy! All these sexy fullbacks and g-strings you can see here, in my gallery at Camcontacts.

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This time I want to show you some of my new g-strings that I have here in Thailand and that you can see me wear while webcamming anytime.
If you like them and want me to send you a worn pair, please contact me, and I will!

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