If you like a hot and horny, exotic-looking young woman with a dirty little mouth, you can’t go wrong with Teddy.
At her 30 years old, she is fresh and tight as a girl, experienced and understanding as a woman. My sexy friend Teddy is a true expert in the art of seduction: hardly you’ll find better dirty talk, jerk-off instructions, role-playing in many hot scenarios, and more kinky verbal action.

Unlike many girls and women of the site, including me, Teddy is ok with all sizes and shapes of toys of all kinds. Another thing she specializes in are heels, she has some cool leather and suede closed-toe shoes with huge, sexy heels, in diverse eye-catching colors, and she knows how to show her hot tiny feet in them well as she puts them on, takes them off, dangles them teasingl… and it’s a must-see how to walk gracefully in them in her cozy living-room, generously showing her fit, toned, tanned legs.
If you like sexy lingerie in classical or cute funny colors, especially lace and see-through – Teddy has it all.
Bottom line: my friends, if I am not online, try my friend Teddy and she will take good care of you.

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When I first saw my new Caribbean friend, new camgirl Vera, innocent-looking schoolgirl of just 18, I realized that someone very special is debuting in the world of adult camsites.
Vera, though very tall (and we all know that tall girls normally have good legs and know how to show them well, you remember?), gives the impression of a very young girl, she has cute dimples, seems she still
has some baby fat (she’s not a plus-size model, it’s not what I mean), and she usually wears simple cotton fullbacks with funny prints, to impersonate that cute, teen, sweet sexuality.
Even when she wears something erotic and exotic – like a femme fatale black bodystocking I once caught her in – it still looks like a little girl who dives into mom’s lingerie drawers to pick things she’ll
secretly wear when she wants to make faces in front of the mirror. Not that I am saying when she’s all dolled up, she is awkward and inapproriate in adult camming – but charming, silly, virginal, playful,
and oh so yummy – dressed up, dressed down, undressed.

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The day before yesterday I was a hairdresser’s model! Look what Babylons of hair she made on my poor silly head!
And my submissive customers seemed to love that new me. I have filmed a private show in satin corset and high-waist panties, hold-up stockings, long silk gloves, leather boots – all in black.
This show was without nudity – so maybe not everyone’s cup of tea – and let me offer this very special scene to you at a very special price.

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