Yesterday I felt so exhausted, for no reason, that all I could not is lie down in the sun between rains and fall asleep in my new retro style bikini. By the way, if you like scenes of spying on sleeping girls and women, I have real scenes about me and Lisa, and an edited scene of us both sleeping, in turns – just ask me how you can see it.
And today I feel inspired again. It’s pouring with rain day after day, but there are always indoor pleasures available for us!

wet kisses

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Mine has lately been Bloody Ceasar, here is a pic of me with it at a kite beach at the Atlantic coast.
Next time I can drink your health and film it, probably naked, if you tell me what you prefer to drink.
I also plan to film all my fellow camgirls drinking what they like.


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In my newest blue bikini, on my balcony, with a tan maximizing cream in my hand, under the tropical rain – this is my today’s look.
I am starting to get tan lines, and knowing that many of you like them, I don’t sunbathe even on my own roof naked anymore, disappointing the neighbors!

Nothing much happening except tropical weather and nice Latina camgirls around me every day.
And how are you doing?

kisses, Helen

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