Let this be the top post of the blog for now.
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waiting almost naked,

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If you want to meet a new camgirl in the first couple of weeks of her – I must say, very aspiring – webcam girl career, then I suggest that you have a look at my new friend Courtney.

Courtney is in that sweet age of 29, when nothing is too early and nothing is too later, when you talk to her and watch her she will bring back the memories of those cool years to you like she does to me.
Classy, fit, slim, with long blond hair and deep, enchanting brown eyes, she speaks English almost as a native speaker. Also I have to add that this hot girl is well-travelled, educated and open-minded, you
can discuss with her all sorts of things – from sport to BDSM and from photography to fashion, with everything in between, including fingers, toys, lingerie and naked body ;).

Here are just a few pictures of Courtney showing herself naked in a dating house.
I hope you’ll love her just as much as I do. What is not to like here?

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