Let me invite you to spend some time in my living room, talking about this and that and making love.
Do I need to say something else? Let me better show you things when you’re in my camming room.

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If you are reading this, you probably know that i am not another cubicle rat in the adult industry – most likely you have seen me in thousands of scenes at hundreds of sites, including world-famous ATKingdom and others.

After my first 10 years in shootings, I decided to open my own site and do work on cam and behind it (no, I don’t mean imposter amateur self-shot crap). So, in 2005 my site Helenvolga.com was born.
You might think it’s a solo girl site – but actually it’s not in the least that.
By now I have filmed 192 girls in about a thousand scenes and let’s say 10 thousand frames. The concept of the site is amateur models (or amateur type models). solo and in girl – girl couples, in professional photography. I tried to build a site that is most realistic and my guiding light has always been AbbyWinters.

Though Abby’s site is older, bigger and better, in general I do something of that very kind – realistic girls and women filmed by a girl/woman. I shoot every frame myself only – well, except the ones where I am in the frame. It’s not the biggest single photographer (without purchased content) site in the world, but it definitely has been the biggest of single photographer sites produced in my part of the world, since Galistin is out of the business (again, my guiding light and most respected artist/site owner).
All the pics and (very few and home-made) vids, as well as all the reading material at HelenVolga.com, is actually done by myself, Helen Volga, so you might be interested in discovering how I see female body, amateur erotica and realistic sexy girls.

The site is huge even in its free area, contains 100 pages with 5 illustrated news on each one, its tour reviews content niches and model types in 12 pages of descriptions and samples. And when you join, almost 200 girls will greet you with their big smiles and big vertical smiles ;): some girls are famous porn stars, some are little seen anywhere else at all, a few are exclusive Helenvolga models – girls and women from real life who I tempted into trying.

Why am I posting this here now, considering that the site hasn’t been updated long time by now?
Because I am fundraising to afford a webmaster to re-arrange the site so that I, without waiting long, can add galleries of myself and other models as often as I want to. And believe me I have the resources for daily updates, like there used to be first few years.
I have about 100 sets in store by now, and you might be curious to see them, and it’s only together that we can make it happen.

Here are a few frames of myself at home in my camming room. One of my adorers has ordered me flowers, and I got myself new panties that you can see here.
Just wanted to ask you to drop in and take them off me. I don’t have too many words for you today, just actions, emotions and feelings.
kisses Helen

And mine are to see and hear Joe Lynn Turner on stage first time in my life!
I used to sing “Stone Cold” years ago – now let me listen to him sing it for me. Will sure be 100 times better 😉
And what concerts did you attend in 2015 so far?

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I went to our local sex shop, and what did I find there?
Mostly panties! Some were good for camming and for real life and I decided I would take them.
So, let me show you! And what did you get in the intimates store last time? Please let me see!

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If you want to see someone as different from me as a woman can be, you should not miss the new camgirl from the Caribbeans, my good new friend Laura.

I’m 40 and she’s early 20s, I’ve been in the adult industry half a life and she a week, I have small tits and ass and she has huge breasts and butt cheeks (believe me, of perfect shape), my hair is blond and straight, her coal black and curly (she has gorgeous hair, like Meryann, I’m pale no matter how dark I try to tan and she is almost all
black. One thing that we have in common is that… is what? is that you will probably like her too!

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Our favorite kinky woman Meryann has just turned 46, and let’s all wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish that all her sex fantasies come true – together with ours.
Meryann is camming early mornings and who can take better care of your morning wood? And I have a feeling I know why! As soon as horny Meryann wakes up, she is on cam to act out her most erotic dreams with you as the main hero.
I haven’t seen so many lingerie items even in a sex shop as she has. And she has all, it seems.

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If you are reading my blog, you probably are into all natural women – so let me show you a new camgirl who debuted just days ago.
Here is my new friend Naira, a hot and sexy hairy model in her early 30s.
You will love her long beatiful hair of natural color and hairy pussy and, I’m sure, her open mind and charming personality. We are also very much alike in bodytype IMHO, so most likely she will not disappoint.

Naira is new, but does most things you would expect a camgirl to do, so please pay a visit and let her take good care of you.

kisses Helen
P.S. I am camming now too!

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My dear friends,
if any of you, by chance, has webmaster skills, I have a suggestion for you!
You will be the 1st to see all my naked pics I shoot for the blog. 😉
In exchange, I want to ask you to bring my blog back to life when it goes down like it did this summer.
Fair deal? 😉

This time a sexy guy who I met over the web fixed everything for me, but another time he said he will not be able.
So, let me count on you, my knight!

I have so many things to tell you and to show to you, a few very hot new fellow camgirls, and some new things about myself.
Please, let’s just stay in touch.

hugs, kisses