As you maybe know, other than webcamming here, which I do practically every day, I am now working at a site for my webcam partner, beautiful babe LisaFox.
My sexy girlfriend’s new solo site is not yet that huge, as you can see, but I have a lot of scenes filmed for your pleasure in my PC, and I am burning with desire to show myself and her in them all, willingly and explicitly! To make it happen, I have updated the Join Page with fair prices and interesting, flexible membership plans that include some awesome, seldom to never seen bonuses for you. Looks like enough said for now – time to get back to editing my erotic galleries to be uploaded later this week!

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Let me show you a few frames from today’s custom made photosession and remind you that ordering content (and even exclusive scenes for your eyes only) is totally possible with me and Lisa.
Here is 1 of the ways to order something to your taste.
And here you can enjoy some more sexy pics of me taken today.

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of Lisa’s solo site! All of you know my sexy friend Lisa and all of you have seen her naked, and I’m sure will agree a man can never get enough of naked Lisa.
Please check the bio, pics, vids and blog, please subscribe to the newsletter, please let’s get closer and stay in touch.
Most likely, the blog will be updated regularly, and looks like Lisa and I are going to review porn sites we take part in – other than camsites, I mean, posting fragments of scenes, etc. There will be stories and pics about Lisa’s solo site, about what was going on behind the scenes, and of course, about her life and plans, thoughts and feelings.
I kiss you on the right cheek and Lisa on the left 😉

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Did I tell you I am making up a site for my friend Lisa who we met last century? 😉
There are already a few things there to have a look at and to read. If you like what you see in Lisa’s blog, you can get access to it and stay in touch with the pretty blonde.
And stay as close to her as you are to me…

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Winter is near… but there always are indoor pleasures for us! You can strip this fluffy little pet naked and see her natural fur down there.
Let’s try to keep each other warm and happy all year round?
And talking about what I am wearing in these pics – the bodysuit I put on first time at first I thought was a slip. Actually, I love myself in bodysuits (other girls too) and now I am thinking about a site showing girls in bodysuits (and then naked, of course!) and have already filmed 1 sexy blond model for it.
Do you like girls in bodysuits, does that kind of underwear attract you?
And what color do you like best? Let me know and I’ll do what we both like, here on cam!

warm winter hugs,

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….for my sexy friend Lisa! And I will be present there too, together with Lisa, in some hot pics and vids.
Some you have seen being broadcasted, others no one has seen yet, and there will be updates every other day once we start.
Nothing much happening in my life except building the site and editing the pics and inventing inviting words about my cute girlfriend. 😉

I must bring my apologies to those of you who were trying to connect to LisaHelen room and failed to. Not my fault, plz ask the site to give you the minutes back so that you can enjoy Lisa’s sexy striptease, nudity, masturbation and toying.

Kisses, Helen

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For shoe fetishists and for all nice guys who like new footwear on me – let me put on these brand new shiny red boots/shoes, don’t know how to call them properly in English.

Also I must say, you can see me giving you a show in a bodystocking – I have this pale pink one, also black plus red, also white, and tan. On Monday I plan to get myself frilly boots in brown suede, if things go well and you help me to afford them 😉 If this happens, I’ll do a tiny naked photoset in new boots, as a tiny sexy gift from me to you.

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If you like me in patterned hold-ups and shiny ivory hold-ups, and in classic garter belt stockings, then it’s time for you to give me a chance to unpack all those lovely silkly brand new pairs of nylon.
I also put on these new panties that you see on me here, for our today’s date – are you in the mood to be the first man to take them off me? I have a feeling you might be!

As for me, I am having really hot, summerly days here!
And so are the Caribbeans girls Katie, Natasha, Stefy, Teddy, Meryann, Naira and Laura – all year round!

We all want you to join the hot steamy webcam action and fuck our wet pussies like no tomorrow – we have toys, objects for that, fingering is a nice thing to do too, panty and nylon stuffing might work too. I mostly will webcam late nights and early mornings my GMT+2 time in October, but you know I can adjust. And in the tropical paradise there is someone sex on cam for you, literally, 24/7.
hot hugs, Helen