Long scene about a long dildo – incredibly long and thick one, half the girl’s size – has just been added to Lisa’s solo site Ladyfoxxx.com.
You may have seen me broadcast monster cock videos of myself and Lisa, and now you can get access to them and download them at a very good price, along with other hot scenes on video and in photos.
Here are a few samples for you to enjoy – the cute tiny girl who can handle an enormous dildo is here, ready to rock your world!

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Look what I have in my home – Christmas tree, brand new sandals, shoes and boots, wine, champagne, liquor! Here you can also see a picture of myself during the blackout I have survived recently. 😉
Most likely, all the rest of 2015 I’ll spend webcamming, so please drop in, strip me down in good old 2015 once again!

And tomorrow I’ll be posting erotic photos of 2 new Latina webcam girls.
You have already met voluptuous Mistress Ass? You feel ready for skinny girls now? 😉

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Between Christmas and New Year when all the dreams are just about to come true, life is easy and fun, and the love vibe is all around! Let another of my HelenVolga girls wish you a very merry time with people who are dear to you and doing the things you enjoy most. I am going to be camming every day or nearly every day in the rest of 2015, and let’s hope for pleasant surprises for each and every one of us, in each and every way, in cyber and in real. I have a Christmas tree, some cocktail dresses to lift, and more, and more. I even have red Christmas toenails which I seldom have because I am not a fan of boring mainstream things 😉

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Sorry, this year I don’t have a Christmas picture of myself, so here are two sexy blond girls from my site Helenvolga.com to congratulate you.
I love you very much, my friends, you are a big part of my life, and so let me wish you a very Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true, and turn out to be even better than you imagined!
I am camming a lot of hours today, so please drop in and see my Christmas tree, and show that yours is up tonight too 😉

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You might have seen me in a nightclub on a stage, by a pole, but those were just amateur attempts – and there is a girl who can properly dance on the pole and not only, and you know her – it’s Lisa.
Here you can see more than 100 pics of this glamorous babe in a sexy corset, performing her tantalizing and seductive art in a real night club.
There were some people around, and be sure, beautiful blond Lisa fascinated each and every one of the men and even some women – I assume those who are bisexual like her.

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If you have a submissive side about you, or like to roleplay with a woman who is spiritually and physically strong, then I suggest that you give a try to this wonderful young BBW Latina, and surrender to her completely!

Or you could just ask her to show her naked body, she is ok with vanilla pleasures as well, and there is a lot to look at, literally! Great English, lovely personality and sexual openness comes as a bonus to wonderful video quality, stylish interior, fast connection and artistic lighting in this new camgirl’s room.

My friends, if you join Mistress‘s room today, you will be her first man on the web – this girl is a debutant, a camera virgin. You’ll not regret, especially if you like big tits and a huge – I mean it – ass.

wishing you a lovely Sunday evening,

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If you like my sexy friend and fellow model/camgirl Lisa, then I definitely would recommend you to have another look at Lisa’s site – photosets, video scenes, blog, and more. Small yet, but she is not a big girl herself, you agree? And steadily growing – the site, not the girl 😉
Here is where you can suggest a topic for the nearest shooting and order something custom-made and personalized for you!
Do I need to say more? I’ll say and post more of Lisa right after her next shootings, which is going to happen, I hope, soon, and it’s you who it depends on when it will happen.

wishing you a very lovely weekend,

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