Once Lisa and I had a very naughty male roomie who followed us everywhere with his cam, and sometimes he was so lucky to even catch us asleep! We caught him spying and oh, how we punished him! But it seems he didn’t mind ;).
Now as some time has passed, we calmed down and decided we could share those home-made voyeur tape with our dear cyber friends. The video is quite long, 17 minutes, and there are 11 other vids and 7 decent quality erotic photosets of Lisa, mostly done by myself, Helen.

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Cute girls and women stip down to skirts, dresses, pantyhose, and some, the most adventurous ones, even go beyond that! You know that my good friend Lisa and I love to tease strangers with tits, ass and pussy not only on webcam or on film, but in the broad daylight!
Here are a few nice frames of Lisa flashing for passers-by in a popular city park.
I don’t know what else to say, let the beauty speak for itself!

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