My good old (not literally so old, hehe) friend and a beautiful model/camgirl Katya De Milo runs a studio at that features sexy no-nude videoclips featuring balloon and inflatable fetish, and she will be happy to do a custom-made video focusing on your favourite fetish if it does not require full nudity.

There are three beatiful babes in the clips – Katya, Nathalie and Dragon, I know Katya and Nathalie in person long long years and I assure you they are really cool girls full of natural sexuality and have witty, creative minds. Dragon I don’t know in person yet, but I know she is a
switch and more into submissiveness, which I find really hot. And I must say all three have killer bodies, faces, extraordinary hair, acting and dancing skills, extensive wardrobes and more or less simply whatever your heart desires. I know your kinky mind can invent a lot of things for the sexy girls to do on film!

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Well, I took at trip to my home city to fix some things, film Lisa, myself and a new model I saw 1st time (I’ll show and describe her later, there is a lot that can be said about the new and cool girl), and for some adventures I can tell you in detail about when we meet on cam.

Now you are welcome to enjoy a cute topless and naked scene featuring Lisa trying on her favourite kind of summer panties – G-strings in cheerful, bright, eye-catching colors. Isn’t she and her cute little ass tempting here!

Next time most likely you will see us both performing a recorded private webcam show – was a long one, over 30 minutes of fun in a virtual threesome with our cyber partner. It was filmed by my friend, a guy, the poor fellow intended to watch football but got distracted by us and
– guess what? – didn’t regret 😉

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