I’m updating my lovely bisexual girlfriend Lisa’s solo site Ladyfoxxx.com with a set taken at my place, where Lisa put on a revealing outfit, a pair of killer boots, took a flogger (really nice flogger made by a famous BDSM person) and started to show herself and tease.

I don’t know if I should say more, or simply invite you to have a look? This will be 20th video scene of Lisa at her site, what a nice even number, let’s celebrate?

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You guys, and Camcontacts, and the whole big porn world have to thank me once again for scouting into camming (and shootings) someone very normal from the real world, a true amateur who is camming in her spare hours for the fun and satisfaction.

Have a look at Zosya’s juicy tits and tempting hairy pussy, and don’t forget to rate her to rewarding my efforts in seducing the hot woman ;)This lovely newcomer is not at all innocent and has some pretty naughty fantasies to discuss, act out and live through. I seriously recommend this lovely MILF to all natural women lovers who, I’m sure, are reading these lines. Perfect German is a bonus 😉

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I went to my home city to pose for a few world-famous sites (ask me which and I’ll be happy to give the links in my chatroom, and also made a few lovely photos in my new top and in the undies I started webcamming in back there in 2007.
There are some lovely nudes in that set as well, please click and check the new gallery, and let’s share some wonderful, sexual moments of weekend.

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Anythng can be a very exciting view if it’s a sexy young woman is performing it and another one filming. Even such a peaceful, serene thibng as sleeping can be a very sexy activity if a girl is wearing a most sexy pajamas and is dreaming of someone or something very erotic.
This can make her grab a huge dildo and start stuffing her tiny holes like no tomorrow! And you don’t have to take my word for it – here is the witness, all filmed in great detail and in most yummy close-ups for your pleasure, at Lisa’s site ladyfoxxx.com

Lisa, aka LadyFoxxx, has posed for my site Helenvolga.com which you might be aware of, many times, and each and every time her sets are hot, explicit, graceful and charming. Let me post some of the hottest frames of Lisa at a friend’s place hugging a fluffy panda bear as she gets naked and shows all of her lovely self. I am sure some of the readers, of not all the readers, envy the fluffy creature like crazy.

Next time we can film you instead of the Big Big Toy – do you have a panda costume? Or some other character you want to impersonate? Go ahead and let us know please, so that we can arrange the location – does it have to be jungle? 😉

Fluffy hugs,

Helen, Lisa and Big Toy

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