My old, new and future readers, viewers, friends and lovers, let me wish you a very very Happy 2017, a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration and all the best in every way in life, be it in cyber or in real. May all women and all the pleasures you want be yours!

If you are in the mood for 2 naked cute long-haired Russian blondes, here is the new video of me and Lisa. And yes, I am online under my tree, happy and ready.

hugs, kisses

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I forgot who exactly it was, but it was one of my beloved regulars who requested a set of my lovely girlfriend Lisa taking off red underwear and leaving stockings on. Well, we were not very prompt, but we did it, and did it not so bad at all, and had a lot of fun filming this sexy little striptease scene.

Lisa can send you those undies, by the way, you are a panty lover – promise you’ll send her new ones in return 😉

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If you are into exotic girls and teenage webcam models, then my new friend Violetta is one of the best if not the best choice for some hot, fun moments to share. Deliciously approachable, mindblowingly cute, temptingly sexy and downright dirty, naturally busty, slim and fit, ready to please, to seduce, to cum and cum and cum together with you.

Talking about unique things this model can offer…
Maybe you have watched a milk show on cam, but from a girl so young and innocent looking you never have. Here is a chance for you to lose your virginity in that aspect.

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