My friends,
I know you love my creative manicure and pedicure ideas, I am almost sure you’ll approve of this cute summer design with sun, and marine motives.

Later this summer I’ll take pics in my marine casual dresses, and in erotic sailor uniform, and now let me invite you to have a look at myself naked, showing tan lines, in the privacy of my home today – just an hour ago!

I’ll be camming a few hours on Friday, and long, long days on weekend.

Wishing you a cute weekend,
kisses, Helen

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Maybe I told you when I was a schoolgirl I had a thing for my doctor, a sexy man who was about same age as I am now, hope he is alive and sexually active and me having sex with him is still ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have a fetish for nurses and female doctors, I am here to impersonate one for you – I have the dress, sthetoschope, speculum, and some other things for very special treatment like vacuum pumps of various shapes and sizes, a violet wand… And when I am back to the Caribbeans, my friends and I plan to start a proper medical room for camming, probably with a gyno chair, and other things – some props the girls already have. One of the camgirls was a medical student, she’s a doctor now – so she will be giving master classes and get adventurous like in her long ago camming days, and we will let you watch us play doctor – most likely around New Year 2018 that will happen!

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Summer weekend at the seaside with two lovely naked women, what can be better? The cameraperson who arrived together with Lisa to visit me here and film us together was terribly envied!

He recorded and photographed some lovely outdoor nudes of us, and it’s time for Lisa and me to share the pleasures with our old and new friends here, at Lisa’s site!

Only 6 minutes of pure happiness with sexy nudists!

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I’m often off the webcam on Wednesdays, and this week it was well woth it, because I had a great time in the mountains, although I could not film anything explicit – knowing you, I’m sure the imagination wil do the rest. And what you have on your mind today looking at this – I’m ready and willing to act out today, here, on cam!

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Let me introduce you a brand new girl for you to start the new week with – here comes LoveTropical, naturally busty cutie with killer ass and beautiful long thick charcoal hair.

She will strip for you, play with sex toys, finger her shaved little pussy, fuck her massive tits, shake that horny round ass, and will be happy to watch you cum.

Please don’t expect any complicated verbal fetishes from the camera virgin – she’s just a hopeless exhibitionist and an altimate voyeurist, and it’s all about raw sexy action here in her room.

PS: you can also order custom pics or a vid from her – let me know if you
have ideas.

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All the men, even all the boys, as far as I understand, every now and then fantasize about making love to an actress, so Lisa and I decided to give you a chance to make the dream come true, or at least to get closer to it.

See wonderful model Lisa open the curtains and perform a most erotic love scene with her orange partner ๐Ÿ˜‰

You might agree, Lisa is truly beautiful, her face, body and hair all are outstanding, and that she meets the big silver screen standarts, totalyl! She’s also stylish, smart and classy, and altogether not so many girls and women in porn even come close to this petite, cute young lady. I would say, the lovely model brings back the times when porn actresses were handpicked from only the best looking girls and women – and isn’t it charming, and isn’t it the way things should be!

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Tonight, a few minutes ago, I was modelling my silk underwear and lingerie and I almost lost count of what I had in silk! If you like how how skin feels though smooth cool silk, then you are most welcome to my room tonight! I still have all my Frenchies, fullbacks, slips, half-slips, chemises and nighties in silk here, at hand, for our pleasures.

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During a nice walk yesterday, but I decided not too – too many kids and teens around, it’s summer, after all. I said to myself that I’d better flash to you on webcam.

Let’s make it happen – are you in the mood?

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My good old (well, actually bit younger) friend, sexy little blond Lisa, and I have a lot of things in common – for instance, both of us have a thing for stockings and pantyhose in unusual, exotic colors and patterns, this is what we always give to each other and what we shop for together, not only for erotic photos and videos, but for the real life pleasures too.

As a bonus, you can watch me play with stockings and pantyhose and not only on legs, in this video, on the same day and in about 5 minutes from the girl-girl part. Though it’s Lisa’s site, I know you like me just as much as her, so be it.

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Today I have spotted a funny picture on the pavement and decided I wanted to be part of it, with my new sandals and happy mood!

Let’s share some fun moments on cam if you have time this weekend?

I have made a bet about my camming hours, and I’m going to be here a lot of time, to share so many nice orgasms with you, darling…

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