One day Lisa and I with 5 of our close (and very sexy!) friends were invited to a swing club, and though we didn’t eventually summon up courage to take part in sexual action, we were in the middle of attention anyway – like we always are!

You can witness that – here is a gallery of Lisa on a bar, later another sexy girl joined her, and a lot, a lot followed.

This gallery is fairly long, it’s made of 105 frames, we created 5 others and only one of them has been exhibited so far, so all the pleasures are ahead!

So, my friends, you can see that Lisa’s solo site that also features me, and other horny girls and women, is steadily growing and we are having fun filming all this hot stuff. Let’s just stay in touch!

wishing you a cool weekend,
Helen and Lisa

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For many – no, for most! – men a sexually open 18-year-old beauty is an all-time dream that seldom to never comes true. And for us today it’s reality – here comes Khalessi, a barely legal teen with a body nothing far from perfect, a pretty face, and a huge temper in bed! Her great English is an important bonus ๐Ÿ˜‰

Please visit this girl, spoil her, fuck her, and rate her!

I am at your command this weekend too, you are most welcome to tell me if she treated you well ( I have no doubt she will!)

hugs, kisses

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Here is a new model, a real treat – she loves lace, heels, nylons almost just as much as you and I do!

Or you can simply strip her naked and enjoy that cute litle body.ย  I don’t have much to say bcz this is a brand new girl, you’ll have to discover her yourself and tell me if she treated you well ๐Ÿ˜‰

your best pimp,

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Dear friends,
we have had a very decent September and it’s still a bit like summer, but I was unlucky to catch a cold and didn’t go out much – I was looking at pics of myself and Lisa naked at a nude beach (both of us are lifestyle nudists about all our adult lives) – and let meย  invite you to have a look at us there too, and imagine you between us, or behind the cam.

As for me, I am webcamming a lot this weekend, and am willing to be just as naked as you see me here ๐Ÿ˜‰

hot summer kisses,

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One day Lisa and I decided to shop for stockings and then model them in the photostudio me and my friend Noddie were running (gone are the days…). For some reason, believe it or no, Lisa happened to have her favourite cock with her, in her shopping bag. What followed you can witness – my photographic partner Noddie has filmed this in great detail, and I’m sure he can’t forget the view, hehe. You’ll see double handjob and footjob here, too bad dildos can’t cum – but, well,ย  you might!

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Lisa and I were hanging in my place, we started to feel playful, I handed her my boots andย  my flogger, and that was from where we went on.
You can witness how beautiful this sexy model gets when she feels dominant – see over 60 pics and 29 other sets! More in my PC – coming soon!

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One day Lisa and I got bored, and decided that we should film some scenes and galleries of this charming babe getting naked, masturbating, and all that. We were busy all day, and I am not even sure how much we filmed, but this set of pics is quite long, over 170, and explicit and fairly cute – you might approve of our efforts!
We also consider creating a site that is dedicated to girls and women in jeans, and of course models taking denim off, and obviously showing themselves naked, too.
Maybe in 2018 I can start that – please wish me luck!

PS and I’m back to daily camming ๐Ÿ˜‰
kisses, Helen

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