Dear friends,
weekend is here, and isn’t it time to who you some footage of beautiful naked Lisa – I suggested that she starts working out in leggins, but this hot girl is mostly into natural way of things, and natural materials against pussy and ass and boobs, so she picked a new pair of sporty, comfy and sexy underwear, and showed her fit, lovely body in it and then naked. It was fun to film her, and I’m sure it will be fun for you to watch her little naked workout. Pics were also taken. Actually, after a little bit of nude sport, Lisa felt the energy to act out a lot of scenes, we kept each other busy, and filmed quite a lot, including some very, very explicit girl – girl footage.
Wishing you a lovely, easy spring week,

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Dear Friends,

how are you doing? Having fun? As for me, I am busy filming Lisa – don’t ask me how if I am at the same time camming here (ССЫЛКА) – and here is what and who I see in my frame right now!

Join my room and suggest a topic IN REAL TIME – like never before!

Lisa and Helen

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Yes, I know you love The Beatles too, just like Lisa and I do! Have you seen them on stage? Please invite us to a concert and we promise to flash you tits and pussies as a reward 😉

Enjoy the cute topless gallery at Lisa’s site, and stay tuned!

your spring lovers,
Lisa and Helen

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Dear friends, how are you? Here is a bit about how I am.

Being a real woman, I first of all went shopping when I felt the spring coming, got this top and 16 other cool items to model and take off on webcam.
Hope life is treating you well, and that you are also having lovely spring days, feel inspired, and happy as can be.

Please check updates at Lisa’s site, and be sure soon we will film more, with a brand new fellow model who is also hairy, just the way you like.
If things go well, the process of filming will be broadcasted here in real time, and you can direct the shooting and be the producer! The shooting is going to happen, most likely, next weekend – and I’m sure it will  be fun for all of us.

hot spring hugs,

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