Now, since I got myself a new home, and it’s fairly big, I will have people staying at my place all over summer, and my secret camming (and filming) life has to be hidden. I will hardly hop on cam so often in summer 2020 (love the number, btw, may it be a lucky year for us all!).

So, I decided that if I skip summer, I have to bore you to death in winter, hehe – my first step will be daily camming (at least for a few hot winter hours) in 2019, starting with November. I hope to keep up with my bet and will be posting pics of me here. If I lose, you are welcome to spank the bad girl on December 1st.

By the way, during my trip to home city I have discovered I had some worn, but forgotten panties, and I am willing to show you the 1st of the pairs, hope you approve of them on me and me under them.

I just wanted to wish everyone an awesome October – what’s left of it – and lovely Autumn 2019 altogether. It’s been good to me so far, for the most part.

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I have moved, congratulate me on cam please and see my new home! It’s empty for now, but I’m ready to fill the space with good vibes together with you.

It looks like soon my main site is going to be totally renewed. They will take down all the cool design and navigation, all those features like erotic pic of the day, upcoming sets previews, random models selection, stories about each and every update (hundreds if not thousands of them, for free), the huge, generous free tour of 12 pages… I could not help it, I’m not tech savvy. Those features will be sacrificed in exchange of daily updates system which I’m craving for.

But I believe it’s more than worth the subscription fee to join the site now, before it has been ruined, and enjoy about a hundred sets of myself and 191 other girls and women filmed by me. I’m going to subscribe too and download all the content so that I don’t lose it and will restore it fully one day, when I can.

hugs, Helen

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