And happy Women’s Day to all the women dear to my male readers, too. From what I know, this holiday only exists in the post-Soviet universe, but, after all, why not to celebrate such a lovely thing in such a lovely season?
It is, in a way, my professional holiday, and so it is for my happy friends Lisa, Zosya, Ozzy who are going to get filmed and to webcam with me a lot in 2021, including today here and not only here, we will master new platforms and search for new pleasures.
with love, Helen

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One of my active projects is filming my beautiful and famous friend Lisa for her solo project – well, not exactly solo shootings there, but also around a dozen girl- girl couples, myself included.
On that day in 2020 I was filming Lisa with new partner, sexy slim MILF with big natural breasts, graceful and exotic model Judith Cohen, who is almost my exclusive model – it was something like 3rd time on film for her at all, ever. But she did it with ease and charm – almost as nicely as Lisa performs!
See Lisa in another of her sexy lace underwear sets – she is an addict, like myself! See the cute hairy blonde strip down and show her body that is nothing far from perfect.
And let us both wish you a fun, fabulous Sunday!
hugs, Lisa and Helen

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I know for some of my readers (like it used to be for me when I was staying in tropical paradize) seasons are just a date in the calendar. But for people like myself, the first spring days feel… well, I’d say like first love that happens every year!
I have seen a tree in blossom first time in 2021. May we all be healthy, happy, sexually active in March 2021. And I want to share my vibes on webcam!
My friend Ozzy is here to entertain you too, here is her solo account. We appreciate you guys rating us so high, whole 5 solid stars! We’re ready to reward and to help everyone to have a good time! Rates are most affordable.
hugs, Helen

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In my language, in our culture we have seasons starting on the 1st date – but I’ve heard from native English speakers that they start on the 22nd, if I am not mistaken.
So, if I say “happy first days of Spring 2021”, I may sound illiterate, but the point is that I hurry to live a life at its full. After all, we all have a lot of things to do in 2021, after all this trouble and haste, problems and losses – and I try to do what I can to be a little bit of inspiration towards meeting huge goals and discovering epic pleasures.
Half the week I webcam together with my new, horny, open-minded friend Ozzy, half the week on my own. Will be also posting galleries, filming occasionally, and in between breathing the air of life.

Today you can find me at my fav site for a few hours – the site is terrific. It offers a huge selection of classy girls and women (these day only performing solo), extended portfolios in photos and videos, affordable photosets and videoscenes. The site is very social, the community is fairly pleasant, so you can have a good time without spending. Not that there will be explicit content in free chats, but if you are there to take a few moments off your busy day and just relax and smile, I do recommend Livejasmin.

I have membership there too – although the private minutes aren’t cheap, altogether I have never regretted being a member, as well as a webcam model at Livejasmin. I feel at home there, and hope so will you.
hugs, Helen

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