One day Lisa told me that she had starred at 1 of the very few, very famous balloon niche sites – that one does not exist anymore, but the memories of the fun fetish scenes are forever in her heart and mind. So we arranged a session with balloons that Lisa was popping with her heels and with a metallic hairbrush. She is wearing a unique PVC dress here – we made it out of a TV set package – and a pair of interesting and sexy-looking white pantyhose that she strips down to in this scene.

We enjoyed filming this for you, you can be sure of that! Altogether there are about 20 vids of Lisa at her site , and 15+ photosets by now – the site is less than a year old yet, so I guess it’s not that bad! This sexy video is not long, it’s just 3 minutes of sexy balloon popping action while wearing nylon and heels.