What I do when I have free time (which seldom happens) is to surf on the web and read random stuff that people write for pennies and pretend is educational and even scientific. Bad habit, I know, but about a year ago I discovered something that consoled and even motivated me just a bit.

They say these days a person is young when he or she is under exactly 45. After that middle age comes (to some with wizdom, to some alone, as they say). So, I am young for another week. What can be done in a week? Plenty of things!

Now I can confess to you – by middle age I got my own home! But – no ceiling and no lighting and no electric outlets there yet.

I need to make exactly 666 to afford those things, believe me or no, exactly that number. I will keep you informed all weekend if I meet that quota, and then if I do, will invite you to a home welcoming party with free video stream of me celebrating sexily.

hugs, kisses,
your young Helen 😉