It all looks pretty much like summer to me, hope you are also having lovely days – I have spent a few lovely hours in the mountains, the only thing that I didn’t quite like what that I didn’t have enough privacy to take some nude photos of myself, but I must say I plan to do so fairly soon.

Lisa is also preparing for an outdoor photosession, together with Zosya, new and supercool mature model – they are good friends and, I suspect, friends with benefits (oh, I know these two bisexual women too well, hehe!). Each and every person who visits me today gets a set of myself and a nude shot of the girls with your name in it! Let’s make it happen!

By the way, there is a storm and pouring rain outdoors now, so I put on a happy yellow floral dress to make up for the bad weather and make sure we all cheer up. Come and check what I am like, welcome!

kisses, Helen