Dear friends, hope you have had a great time on weekend! As for me, I totally enjoyed my time – I debuted on webcam with a new model, my friend Zosya, a woman who has never ever webcammed and only a few times posed for adult sites, a person not from the industry.

With her fluent English and German, natural blond hair and beautiful fair Nordic complexion, bubble butt, huge natural boobs, hairy pussy and a sparking, outgoing personality – she’s like a fireball! – she makes a perfect webcam girl in every way, I mean it. I have seen about 100 first-timers by¬† now, and no one even comes close – if only me many years ago when I debuted in my mid 20s, but that I hardly remember at all.

We will webcam on Thursday under my main account HelenV again, starting at 6-7 PM GMT+3. And later this year, most likely later this summer, maybe even this month Zosya and Lisa will hop on cam together and it promises to be very entertaining too. Lisa and Zosya will webcam here, and until they are online, I’ll be broadcasting this year’s vids of me and Lisa, and probably of Zosya too (I plan to film them as a couple), so please stay tuned!

I’m wishing you a lovely and easy week with lots of nice things happening to you and to those who are dear to you.

I will be camming most days this week, welcome my friends!

hugs, Helen