Now, since I got myself a new home, and it’s fairly big, I will have people staying at my place all over summer, and my secret camming (and filming) life has to be hidden. I will hardly hop on cam so often in summer 2020 (love the number, btw, may it be a lucky year for us all!).

So, I decided that if I skip summer, I have to bore you to death in winter, hehe – my first step will be daily camming (at least for a few hot winter hours) in 2019, starting with November. I hope to keep up with my bet and will be posting pics of me here. If I lose, you are welcome to spank the bad girl on December 1st.

By the way, during my trip to home city I have discovered I had some worn, but forgotten panties, and I am willing to show you the 1st of the pairs, hope you approve of them on me and me under them.

I just wanted to wish everyone an awesome October – what’s left of it – and lovely Autumn 2019 altogether. It’s been good to me so far, for the most part.