I am a big fan of oriental bellydance costumes and have quite a lot of them at home – I seldom wear them on cam because I am mostly somewhere far from my city home and they are heavy. But I love to pose in them and also shoot other girls wear them too. The one you see in these pics and will see in my video when you enter it is not mine, it belongs to my girlfriend Annette who is really good at belly dancing, she is a curvy girl with huge boobs and looks spectacular in it. But now she is away in Siberia, and I can show you some of her sexy clothes on my body.

I also love bright color nylons, both stockings and pantyhose, and one day a member asked me if I had orange stockings or no. I had none, but went out and got a pair, you will see me wear that pair in this video. This outdoor scene includes lipstick insertion and some body lotion on naked body. It’s quite filled with action, and I hope you will enjoy it. I have set an affordable price and I’m waiting for you to get horny together with me!