I have a deal for you guys! If you guess the exact number of the garter belts in white I have in my wardrobe, I will create a personal pic of myself in one of them with your name written on me!

Let’s get personal, let’s get close.

Talking about what is going on in my life – yesterday I have finished shootings for Mature.nl (they insisted that the photographer films me urgently, so I expect them to upload the galleries and the scenes fairly soon. It’s a rapidly growing site and I love the style of the shootings they stick to – very close to my own view on what’s sexy. They mostly film women who are obviously older than myself – some very seductive, others just ordinary looking, but each and every model being very realistic, and  I have also spotted a few hotties in the 35-45 range who look decent and have class, pretty much like I would define my good old self.

Amateur women in professional photography, a lot like our favourite ATKingdom, AbbyWinters, my own site… but the spotlight is on older women!  That is a hot concept, isn’t it?

And a lot of diverse female types and  kinds of action in the scenes.
That’s imho very tempting, too.

Let me wish you a marvellous weekend, I will be camming most of the time, please stop by, see the full version of today’s gallery in white garter belt.

kisses, Helen