As you know, I run a site called, with 192 girls and women, that features amateur models in professional photography, myself included.

I started filming and posing for it in 2004 (I had made quite a porn career by then, since I debuted last century, hehe), and by 2011 because of tech issues I stopped posting, but I didn’t, and hopefully, never will stop creating content.

First few years I used to update daily, then for tech reasons only every now and then, then I was not able to add anything at all, but I was having all those girls in store, and now… and now it looks like I am getting back to daily posting around late September, and be sure I have dozens of new girls and hundreds of photosets.

That’s really inspiring news, at least for me! But… I have also not very good news. The people who are helping me with this site, can only make a site that is primitive in structure, navigation, extras, and has zero design.
I can’t help it for now – I hope when I raise a decent amount and find a trustworthy professional, I will have my huge and unique site back again. But I am very happy to be able to exhibit my works again, very. The site is, so to say, part of me, it’s something that has created today’s me, in a way.

The point of me saying that is that here are the last 2 weeks for you to have a look at the initial, efficient of – a few thousand update samples with texts telling the truth about the shootings and the models, 365 cover pics of the day, random models collection, pages the review topics that the site is about, and some of my bragging about my beloved self.
New life, new horizons. Thing will be great in the end – if they are not great, it’s not yet the end!

kisses, Helen