I went shoping and discovered a few really nice trademarks I was not aware of. You, being a more sophisticated nylon fetishist, probably know each and every one, and I am still young and just learning the ars amandi in stockings.

Also, flashed my new silk undies to my friend and fellow camgirl Naira under a tree in blossom – pics will follow.

Waiting to meet you online, are you around?
silk nylon hugs, Helen

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In real life I seldom use lipsticks – however when you have a closer look, you’ll see I am running out of most of them. What could that mean?

Yes, that I spend more time here in cyber than in real life. And I’m glad you are part of my cyber affairs, a very important and interesting part of my life.

Plz have a look at the full version of the photoset in my page!

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It’s weekend, so Lisa is posting some very naughty and cool pics of me, her and beaufiful curvy blond Kari in naked naughty action in erotic studio pictures. If you like me and my bisexual girlfriends, then you definitely will have a closer look at the fun we had.

I’d love you to suggest topics for the next shootings bcz there is going to be a big one in May and another few in summer. Lisa and I are at your command always, and we will make it hot!

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Uff, finally I can show a pic of me not very dressed in the open air, how I love it, how I have missed that!

Heard that AC/DC actually stands for bisexual, and that’s what I am and what I have always been – maybe stop by and share some experiences?

Nothing much going on and nothing much to tell you about, except maybe a few new lingerie items to show you once you’re in my room this weekend.

hugs, kisses,

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Hope you guys have had a glorious weekend, and that your spring is more like summer and not the winter-like, weird one I am having here.

Meanwhile, Lisa goes on with posting the long, explicit studio set of our horny lesbian threesome with Kari, and I hope you approve of what we are like and what we are doing here.

Not much more to say, welcome, join at a very reasonable amount, and enjoy our passion!

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You may not believe me and it’s happening first time in all the 8 years of my life here, but it’s snowing in late April here, 50 miles to the south of subtropics!

But maybe you are willing to share some of your body heat with me and make me feel super warm?

I have oils, lotions and body glitter for those who like a little messy 😉

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For all our new and old friends and lovers, Lisa and I are starting to upload a huge lesbian threesome set with wonderful voluptuous blond babe Kari, who is truly into women, as well as into men, and not only at shootings but in real life too.

See us undress and just imagine how nice it would be to find yourself among us?

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Hope you have had a lovely spring week, hope you are nicely relaxing and enjoying some fun, erotic moments.

I am always willing to be part of it and, I must say, I decided to show you all my newest cotton fullbacks – funny, silly, tight, sexy, aromatic ones! You are welcome to click here to see them all.
Each and every pair I can send to you anytime, btw!

Here is me in my regular camming spot, wearing a tight T-shirts, cute panties, and tiny sexy socks. I’m yours, feel me!

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Today I decided to show you a bit of myself the way I am in real life – and I have a feeling I am pretty much the same in real as in camming.
Hope that you, my friends and cyber lovers, also reveal your real charming self, your true and flamboyant colors when we talk and make love on cam.

Now I am in these jeans sitting in front of my webcam, clicking sexy stuff, fantasizing about you. Hope you are doing something nice and relaxing too.

yours, Helen

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I don’t normally webcam on Wednesdays, traditionally, but today I am in the mood to show myself to you – I have brand new and super cool vintage stockings, several new fullbacks in charming cotton, and more cute girly things to put on and take off as you watch. I don’t know what else to say, my head is empty 😉

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