Tonight, a few minutes ago, I was modelling my silk underwear and lingerie and I almost lost count of what I had in silk! If you like how how skin feels though smooth cool silk, then you are most welcome to my room tonight! I still have all my Frenchies, fullbacks, slips, half-slips, chemises and nighties in silk here, at hand, for our pleasures.

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During a nice walk yesterday, but I decided not too – too many kids and teens around, it’s summer, after all. I said to myself that I’d better flash to you on webcam.

Let’s make it happen – are you in the mood?

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My good old (well, actually bit younger) friend, sexy little blond Lisa, and I have a lot of things in common – for instance, both of us have a thing for stockings and pantyhose in unusual, exotic colors and patterns, this is what we always give to each other and what we shop for together, not only for erotic photos and videos, but for the real life pleasures too.

As a bonus, you can watch me play with stockings and pantyhose and not only on legs, in this video, on the same day and in about 5 minutes from the girl-girl part. Though it’s Lisa’s site, I know you like me just as much as her, so be it.

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Today I have spotted a funny picture on the pavement and decided I wanted to be part of it, with my new sandals and happy mood!

Let’s share some fun moments on cam if you have time this weekend?

I have made a bet about my camming hours, and I’m going to be here a lot of time, to share so many nice orgasms with you, darling…

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No matter how old and wise, or how young and eager we are, there are some pleasures in this big crazy world that we are always up to!

And one of those – you might agree – has always been, and will always be good old cybersex.

So, I am waiting for you in my webcam room on the Sunday afternoon/evening. I have a cute pair of new shoes you can strip me down to, or you can just lift my long flowing skirt and we cum in a quickie.
Or something else you might have in mind!

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We all know cats may look at queens, and what about Lady Fox, can the cat look at her kitchen masturbation moments? It is a very erotic scene where Lisa appears as a dreamy, romantic, erotic housewife. Now her pussy is shaved again, exposed and tempting, and her famous long nails, her trademark, are there too. And, as always, perfect legs in sexy nude stockings, like you might expect of this sophisticated lady, are there in the frame, too.

Another one of hot amateur videos of beautiful blond babe Lisa is here for you to enjoy, it’s only 10 minutes long, but there are other, longer ones, among the 29 sexy scenes and fragments.

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Some of my readers might long for a barely legal, inexperienced, sincere camera virgin who has some tempting, inviting curves on her tight young body, big round ass, massive natural boobs, and flawless, slightly sunkissed skin. Here is your dream girl on webcam – please try Miss Busty, and she will take good care of your sexual needs, without stalling, as soon as you tell her what to do, she promises to be obedient and provide all sorts of pleasures.

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If you are into latina girls, you might know how hard it sometimes is to find a slim, skinny one – if that’s the type you prefer. No need to look further, I have handpicked one and am bringing it to the spotlight for you.

Marvellous, sexy, slender and surprisingly busty Deanna is here at your command, willing to drop all her trendy clothes and lingerie without even saying much – as small talk, I’m afraid, is not one of her strong points. Her killer body and awesome face surely are.

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It’s weekend again, how nice – let Lisa entertain you with her brand new scene filmed on video at her friend’s place. See the Fox take leopard pattern lingerie on, and pleasure her – again shaved, ah! – pussy with all her lust and passion and tenderness, for you and you alone.

As for me, I plan a video about sex with banana – the one I filmed years ago and you saw in Playback at Camcontacts was quite in demand, feels like time to shoot a sequell.

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My dear friends and lovers,
If you haven’t had sex with a maid for real yet, you can do it now in cyber, I am at your command – obedient, ready and willing.
And like a proper French maid should, I am wearing French knickers under my uniform, a real vintage garment in tempting white lace, you can slide your hand up them and feel me drip for you.
silky lace hugs,

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