Well, this week it’s getting sunnier and warmer, I can’t yet go without pants, but at least the bra part I skip. Here are a few pics of me flashing in the city’s main street. In one of the pics you can even see a passer-by – this was not intended, it just did happen by chance.

No one interfered, next time if things go well, I’ll be doing some bottomless flashes, too!
And full nudity, most likely, in May too. In June – by all means!

Now I just wanted to wish you a lovely end of May. Lots and lots of pleasures to you! To us all!

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I am sitting in front of my webcam in my peach bra and undies, in a cute shirt and a very tiny mini skirt, in classy nude hold-ups and cute flats. I am all inspired and ready to share ideas and memories with you, to act them out and see you go through them too.
Please check the pics of me and my friend Mr Bunny Bunnyson! If you have ever been subscribed to mature.nl, you have seen him fuck me with a strapon as I wore a playboy bunny costume. In webcam shows I haven’t yet put that on.

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Time to wear light clothes outdoors, and even flash my bras and panties in public parks for all my viewers here and occasional passers-by in real life!

I have great news, I’ll be moving, but before that I will reconstruct my new place, and 1 room I’ll make my camming spot in and the other next to it a walk-in closet. I used to surf mostly cam adult sites, but now I find myself at interior design ones mostly, hehe.

I wish everyone a new, or old, happy home, I wish all my friends who are reading this a marvellous May 2019. May we all be happy!

warm spring hugs,

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I was sufring over the sites that show me and my girls and all of a sudden I came across this hot, brand new scene, at mature.nl – of Lisa and two strangers, being very intimate and smoking hot!
And I said to myself, I need those two horny girls – both the teen and the milf – making love to Lisa at ladyfoxxx.com, too! They seem to be getting along really well.

What do you think, should I invite the whole girl – girl – girl trio, are there any ideas what exactly to ask them to do? In March another photo- and videosession will happen, I might take part in front of the cam too, I have found a perfect location to fit three or even four naked women in one bed easily!

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My sexy friend Lisa was thinking about what to use in her sexy little pussy, she washed some bananas, and then all of a sudden changed her mind and decided to stick to good old fingering. And who am I to blame her? I finger more often than I use food dildos, too!

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Compared to me, Lisa and Licka are not hard drinkers, hehe. But every now and then we share a bottle and then another and have a great, often naughty, time.

Here is a tipsy party for ladyfoxxx.com, one day I’ll show you myself and Lisa drinking and what followed (very erotic!) for another site.

Also, posting a pic and a link to a new scene (December 2018) of myself, Lisa, and new hairy girl in my twitter.

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Lisa has caught up with me in age, how cool!

She definitely look young and hot (please check her solo site ladyfoxxx.com again), I just wanted to add that every penny we raise on Lisa’s birthday month, February, goes directly in her pocket, I’ll  not even touch that money.

Your best gift will be rating us.

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Dear friends,
I have made a mistake broadcasting my fresh vids, and the result was immediate – Lisa and I are 3.5 stars…

Please visit for a minute to give us what we are worth.
Thanks a thousand times!

I am sure you will not regret, as I am showing fresh scenes of myself, seen nowhere else, and they are explicit and hot.


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I decided I should show you how I filmed my sexy friend Lisa, a beautiful model, a charming person.

I will be adding my content to this manyvids page too, so that you can afford buying per clip, not subscription to the whole site of mine or of hers. You probably are interested in just having a peak at what I shoot.


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Hi, I’m showing you this backstage shot, just to let you know I’m working on reconstructing my main site HelenVolga.com, and that it will be up and running hopefully by the end of the week.

me and my 193 models

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