If you like me in patterned hold-ups and shiny ivory hold-ups, and in classic garter belt stockings, then it’s time for you to give me a chance to unpack all those lovely silkly brand new pairs of nylon.
I also put on these new panties that you see on me here, for our today’s date – are you in the mood to be the first man to take them off me? I have a feeling you might be!

As for me, I am having really hot, summerly days here!
And so are the Caribbeans girls Katie, Natasha, Stefy, Teddy, Meryann, Naira and Laura – all year round!

We all want you to join the hot steamy webcam action and fuck our wet pussies like no tomorrow – we have toys, objects for that, fingering is a nice thing to do too, panty and nylon stuffing might work too. I mostly will webcam late nights and early mornings my GMT+2 time in October, but you know I can adjust. And in the tropical paradise there is someone sex on cam for you, literally, 24/7.
hot hugs, Helen

Who was fighting the flu? I was! And who won? You can see here who – me!
I cured myself and I can cure your heart and mind too, so please let me!
We can play doctor nicely – I have 2 thermometers, a stetoscope, a tonometer, even a dilator and an enema for the baddest guys and best baddass moments!
And if you are a true medical fetish lover, you can even see my friend doing injections to me.
Playing doctor is not what I specialize in, so please don’t be judgemental ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll master this art if there is demand, most likely, like I have mastered other arts of lovemaking.

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Tonight, as I am camming, I wanted to show you a few home-made frames of my new friend Irinka and her favorite dildo that she has been faithful to for about 10 years by now!
She loves to use this lucky dick into all her horny holes, especially when she sees a tempting, hard, horny dick on her screen via cam to cam feature.

Please excuse this home porn quality of the snapshots in my today’s post – I’m going to film her properly, doing vaginal, oral, anal, handjob to this sex toy very soon, hopefully next month. And be sure you will be the 1st one to see those sexy pics.

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I wanted to show you my friend and almost neighbor Irina, a lovely, slender woman in her 40’s, a true MILF in her own right, now single and looking.
What is she into? Like any real woman who loves to be woman, she wears stockings, pantyhose, heels, loves to dance erotically, she can pee for you, she loves oral, vaginal and anal with a toy, as well as fingering and even fisting.

This cute camgirl is bi-curious and wants to try with me when we are in the Caribbeans – and it’s only you who can make it happen, as we are now fundraising for the trip and will get closer to many of you and to each other this winter, if things go right.
So you can witness Irina’s 1st lesbian experience and listen to her experiences with men – and believe me, they are diverse and profound, and she is eager to share.

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As you know, I seldom sit down to cam wearing underwear or lingerie, I like to show you the real me, and to change as the date goes, like we would have it happen in real life – but this time it’s such a hot day here that I decided to webcam in as little as a halfslip, plus G-string, both in silk/satin, and a pair of hold-ups.
I tried to take 4 pics of you, but so dark, sorry, was not a success.
Webcam is more adapted to evening lighting though ๐Ÿ˜‰ you are most welcome!
Actually I have a lot of things in silk to wear, not only in terms of underwear but also blouses, skirts, dresses and so on and so forth.

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Let me invite you to spend some time in my living room, talking about this and that and making love.
Do I need to say something else? Let me better show you things when you’re in my camming room.

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If you are reading this, you probably know that i am not another cubicle rat in the adult industry – most likely you have seen me in thousands of scenes at hundreds of sites, including world-famous ATKingdom and others.

After my first 10 years in shootings, I decided to open my own site and do work on cam and behind it (no, I don’t mean imposter amateur self-shot crap). So, in 2005 my site Helenvolga.com was born.
You might think it’s a solo girl site – but actually it’s not in the least that.
By now I have filmed 192 girls in about a thousand scenes and let’s say 10 thousand frames. The concept of the site is amateur models (or amateur type models). solo and in girl – girl couples, in professional photography. I tried to build a site that is most realistic and my guiding light has always been AbbyWinters.

Though Abby’s site is older, bigger and better, in general I do something of that very kind – realistic girls and women filmed by a girl/woman. I shoot every frame myself only – well, except the ones where I am in the frame. It’s not the biggest single photographer (without purchased content) site in the world, but it definitely has been the biggest of single photographer sites produced in my part of the world, since Galistin is out of the business (again, my guiding light and most respected artist/site owner).
All the pics and (very few and home-made) vids, as well as all the reading material at HelenVolga.com, is actually done by myself, Helen Volga, so you might be interested in discovering how I see female body, amateur erotica and realistic sexy girls.

The site is huge even in its free area, contains 100 pages with 5 illustrated news on each one, its tour reviews content niches and model types in 12 pages of descriptions and samples. And when you join, almost 200 girls will greet you with their big smiles and big vertical smiles ;): some girls are famous porn stars, some are little seen anywhere else at all, a few are exclusive Helenvolga models – girls and women from real life who I tempted into trying.

Why am I posting this here now, considering that the site hasn’t been updated long time by now?
Because I am fundraising to afford a webmaster to re-arrange the site so that I, without waiting long, can add galleries of myself and other models as often as I want to. And believe me I have the resources for daily updates, like there used to be first few years.
I have about 100 sets in store by now, and you might be curious to see them, and it’s only together that we can make it happen.

Here are a few frames of myself at home in my camming room. One of my adorers has ordered me flowers, and I got myself new panties that you can see here.
Just wanted to ask you to drop in and take them off me. I don’t have too many words for you today, just actions, emotions and feelings.
kisses Helen

And mine are to see and hear Joe Lynn Turner on stage first time in my life!
I used to sing “Stone Cold” years ago – now let me listen to him sing it for me. Will sure be 100 times better ๐Ÿ˜‰
And what concerts did you attend in 2015 so far?

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