We all wanted the summer to last forever, but all nice things come to the end, giving way to new, even nicer things,. so I do not wear sundresses and bikinis anymore, and indulge myself with my leather fetish. I hope that some of you, my readers, like to look at girls and women in leather, so let me show you a few photos of me taken yesterday. I’m not naked in them, but I can get naked for you on webcam anytime, you can see me take off leather and denim if this is what turns you on.

Many women wear black leather, but not a single girl I know has a pink one. I couldn’t pass by it, so today I am willing to show you pics of myself a little in the 80’s style, in trainers, blue jeans, big sweater, weird color leather jacket, ponytail. And what do you like to see girls wear in autumn? What do you find sexy? I will appreciate if you tell me all your ideas.

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There was a wonderful picnic outdoors, I celebrated by belated birthday and my friend Irina her forthcoming birthday. She is a wonderful, sexy young woman of 30, she has short blond hair, fragile figure, great tits and ass, and multicolored eyes like David Bowie has, this is the 1st time I see such eyes in real life, though I know hundreds and thousands of people.

So, I have discovered a beautiful location for posing nude for my pics and vids that I show to you here and at my Camcontacts accounts.

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Sir Paul McCartney showed this to me, and, with my deepest respect and admiration to all of the Beatles, I couldn’t but have signed up to remain vegetarian for a month. I still eat fish, dairy and eggs, but not meat and poultry. Let’s see what will happen — maybe I will go on with it and expand my limitations, especially if I move to the tropics as I plan to, or maybe I will give up my experiments and sign up for something different like lose weight or do fitness or reduce drinking. Life goes on and people change! I hope your life is changing to better little by little too, my dear readers.

And, do you have any idea why I’m posting about my diet here, at my adult blog? I meant that I can do vegetable and fruit insertions on cam if you are in the mood -– what do you think about it?

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I am a big fan of panties (have always been the one) and love to try them on, take off, change them in my show, buy new ones in all my trips and at home too. I also love it when men, sometimes women, give me panties. milf helen Panties
I meet other collectioners and we go hunting for something sexy. I also meet nice horny men who love girls’ worn panties and love to take off a pair for such a connoisseur. I most of all like fullbacks, because they are becoming quite rare, but I think that on my tiny ass g-strings look not bad at all. Shorts are also a nice, exotic thing, and tanga panties, the ones that are something in between g-string and fullbacks, are a nice thing to wear – both comfortable and erotic.

I love the feel of various materials on my skin – silk and satin, lace, cotton, and I try to put on the color that matches what I’m wearing on this day. I also have a few pairs and are open-crotch and one unique pair that is open-buttocks, also have such rarities as French knickers, vintage corset panties, panties combined with suspenders. Here I will be showing all that I have, adding little by little as I have them filmed. By the way, you can also have some of my aromatic worn panties if you want.
russian girl in Panties
See me wear more panties here

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Dear friends,

let me say a few words about the locations where you can watch me online.
Years ago I used to chat from a studio, sitting on a tiny coach against a piece of cloth, that was fun time to sit in a room filled with naked hotties, my fellow webcam models all day, but I got quite distracted by their sexy outfits, nude bodies and moans. Now, when I am on my own, I can invite you to my place and we can spend time in the privacy of a real apartment by the warm sea.
helen at Home

I am staying in my seaside home now, it’s made of a living room, a bedroom, 2 balconies, big and small, bathroom, toilet, hall and a kitchen. That would be nice if you and me invent some naughty roleplay here, or simply have good old virtual sex. You can have me in bed, on a sofa, on the floor, in the bathtub, even on the stove or washing machine, or maybe in my winter garden among the flowers?
helen's pussy
My place is a little old-fashioned, maybe I will have it redesigned, but not until winter, because of too many interesting things waiting to be done in autumn – swimming, sunbathing, walking in light dresses, flirting with men – and because I have an idea to find a mobile internet provider and broadcast nude shows right from the seaside, from a deserted place on the beach. How about that – sounds good? I can also try to give you naughty shows without full nudity from a cafe one day.

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My name is HelenVolga, I am an adult model and photographer and I run a few solo, lesbian and fetish rooms within one of the world’s oldest and definitely best webcam sites Camcontacts.

I’m 36 years old, soon 37, I started modeling since 19 and filming naked girls, sometimes boys, sometimes couples, at 29.

My debut at Camcontacts was in 2002 or 2003, I went online a few times, but it took me years and years to realize how much fun in every way it could be. In the last 2 years I have been online quite frequently – chatting to men and sometimes women, discussing interesting things and revealing secrets, getting naked, posing in sexy girly things, masturbating, playing with whatever I can fit in.

Today I have decided to start up a blog about my webcamming at camcontacts for my old and new friends. The thing is that I love myself, love to please myself, love to be exposed, and here at my personal webcam blog I have a chance to show you some more of my personal life, bits of this and that, the erotic side of my daily routine, and let you have a closer look at each pair of panties I wear, each pair of stockings that I have on my legs and feet, all my sexy outfits, each body part, all fetishes and all fantasies shown in both home-made and professional pictures.
sexy helen
I hope you like me, and I hope that we will meet on webcam. Camcontacts policy is to offer the nice horny men worldwide the most affordable webcam shows. Well, maybe some girls and women charge huge money even here at Camcontacts, who knows, but I prefer action. When I’m here in my room, alone and horny, I will better do sexy things on cam than just sit back waiting for a thick wallet. We will be one on one for as much as a dollar a minute and I’m sure none of us will ever regret that time and money spent on the pleasure of the two.

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