It all looks pretty much like summer to me, hope you are also having lovely days – I have spent a few lovely hours in the mountains, the only thing that I didn’t quite like what that I didn’t have enough privacy to take some nude photos of myself, but I must say I plan to do so fairly soon.

Lisa is also preparing for an outdoor photosession, together with Zosya, new and supercool mature model – they are good friends and, I suspect, friends with benefits (oh, I know these two bisexual women too well, hehe!). Each and every person who visits me today gets a set of myself and a nude shot of the girls with your name in it! Let’s make it happen!

By the way, there is a storm and pouring rain outdoors now, so I put on a happy yellow floral dress to make up for the bad weather and make sure we all cheer up. Come and check what I am like, welcome!

kisses, Helen

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Charismatic model with a sexy, perfect little body and a sensually dominant personality loves when all human beings obey her. Here is how she has acted our her policy in that aspect – all the helpless little boytoys are here at her command, totally doing as told!

Not a lot to say here – let me invite you to have a look at the newest, recent gallery and Lisa’s site She is all naked through the scene!

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I don’t have much to say, except that nobody has guessed the right number of my white garter belts, so I am posting a photo of myself dressed, and in just a garter belt I’ll pose next time.

Please check Lisa’s update at, and please accept my apologies, the PC where her content is was out of order.

Hope the gallery was worth the wait.

I’ll post a sample tomorrow. And now I am on cam, so we can talk and more!

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I have a deal for you guys! If you guess the exact number of the garter belts in white I have in my wardrobe, I will create a personal pic of myself in one of them with your name written on me!

Let’s get personal, let’s get close.

Talking about what is going on in my life – yesterday I have finished shootings for (they insisted that the photographer films me urgently, so I expect them to upload the galleries and the scenes fairly soon. It’s a rapidly growing site and I love the style of the shootings they stick to – very close to my own view on what’s sexy. They mostly film women who are obviously older than myself – some very seductive, others just ordinary looking, but each and every model being very realistic, and  I have also spotted a few hotties in the 35-45 range who look decent and have class, pretty much like I would define my good old self.

Amateur women in professional photography, a lot like our favourite ATKingdom, AbbyWinters, my own site… but the spotlight is on older women!  That is a hot concept, isn’t it?

And a lot of diverse female types and  kinds of action in the scenes.
That’s imho very tempting, too.

Let me wish you a marvellous weekend, I will be camming most of the time, please stop by, see the full version of today’s gallery in white garter belt.

kisses, Helen

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My friends,

this week I’m going to be very busy, and in a most enjoyable and entertaning way – my friend Roman K is going to be filming me for ATKingdom again! You might have seen me there, and if not, it’s probably time to join – the site takes into consideration the customers’ requests, so you will see me do things at your choice, filmed in nothing but brilliant quality!

There will be 3 full shooting days, in between those I’ll be camming.

Talking about Lisa’s site, it has been updated with a lovely total red look photoset. In my language we have a saying that fools love red – in your language there might not be such words of wisdom, so it’s probably not the case!

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Dear friends, hope you have had a great time on weekend! As for me, I totally enjoyed my time – I debuted on webcam with a new model, my friend Zosya, a woman who has never ever webcammed and only a few times posed for adult sites, a person not from the industry.

With her fluent English and German, natural blond hair and beautiful fair Nordic complexion, bubble butt, huge natural boobs, hairy pussy and a sparking, outgoing personality – she’s like a fireball! – she makes a perfect webcam girl in every way, I mean it. I have seen about 100 first-timers by  now, and no one even comes close – if only me many years ago when I debuted in my mid 20s, but that I hardly remember at all.

We will webcam on Thursday under my main account HelenV again, starting at 6-7 PM GMT+3. And later this year, most likely later this summer, maybe even this month Zosya and Lisa will hop on cam together and it promises to be very entertaining too. Lisa and Zosya will webcam here, and until they are online, I’ll be broadcasting this year’s vids of me and Lisa, and probably of Zosya too (I plan to film them as a couple), so please stay tuned!

I’m wishing you a lovely and easy week with lots of nice things happening to you and to those who are dear to you.

I will be camming most days this week, welcome my friends!

hugs, Helen

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it’s a new day, it’s a new life!

I’m starting another blog based on tumbler, if you have a tumbler you’re most welcome to get in touch with me there too. I will be reviewing camsites and proper adult sites I am featured at. And there are dozens, if not hundreds – but of all camsites, you can be sure, I have always preferred (and most likely will stick to) because of its superclassy audience, reasonable rates and a generous share for me.

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A pair of skillful hands (Lisa is by education a fashion designer!) and a creative mind – and a naked Slavic beauty turns into a harem wife in a wink!

I am soon filming Lisa outdoors for her site again, all your naughtiest suggestions are welcome, she will be solo this time. Next time in August she is going to bring another new lesbian partner into the frame.

Stay tuned!

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These days girls are filmed in 50FPS quality, and my beautiful friend LIsa is no exception, because her tempting little body needs to be shown in every detail, and you want and need to see her head to toe and almost feel her breath on your skin.

This short, lovely video was taken on a cold day. The girl wanted to keep warm. You might have a few solution for her, I’m sure of that!

We plan another outdoor shooting, probably with a lesbian partner, if I can afford. Stay tuned, guys!

wishing you a cool weekend,

Lisa, Helen

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Now we all know why Lisa, while having similar type to mine, has a body to die for – because she works out in sexy sport underwear, and naked, almost every single day!

One lucky day she let me spy on her nude exercises – it was real fun and a very, very hot view! Charming girls do even the most casual things in a mindblowing way – and this is just the case.

Later (in fact this week) I have also filmed Lisa’s fav outdoor sport – let’s stay tuned and find out what it is! Actually, plenty of outdoor frames in store for now, and more coming in summer 2018, also with new lesbian partners – we aim at 4 at the very least.

hot summer hugs,

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