In real life I am normally like this – a pair of tight and often unusual jeans, and a romantic or ethnic or casual long-sleeve blouse on top.
Without a bra underneath, of course – you can check on webcam if I am telling you the truth about the missing wardrobe item! Well, I have about a dozen classy sets of bras and panties, some are even brand new, unworn, and you can be the very first man to see me put on and take off.
But you probably  know I have a lot of things to show you.

Lisa and Zosya, the stars of the upcoming photosession, also have pretty much all sorts of sexy underwear – you just have to come up with the ideas what to film them in. Looks like before October is there, I am able to arrange a lesbian shooting of those two horny and very experienced blondes.

kisses, Helen