Live a century, learn a century, you will die a fool anyway – that’s a saying we have in our language! It was not so long ago that I discovered it was true, again – I have named a photoset Summer 2019 and the viewer was like: how can there be such a photoset if it’s not yet summer? (that dialogue took place in June).
How embarrassing it was to discover that Engish-speakers have summer since 22nd June and autumn since 22th September! We Russians are simple souls and we stick to 1st day of month, simple as that.

So, it’s probably time to say bye to summer 2019, it was nice and serene. I hope September has some pleasures in store for all of us. Oh, and by the way – I am camming next to daily (no schedule though, erratic hours most likely) – so please catch me at Camcontacts and let’s talk about summer experiences.

tender hugs,